Reducing Anxiety and Stress

Stress the body’s inability to cope with the daily mutable demands of life.  Lack of sleep and exercise, overwork, poor dieting take their toll by depleting by the body’s reserves; Rendering us emotionally vulnerable and volatile, hence impacting our quality of life and immunity.

There is a plethora of factors promoting anxiety and stress, such as: relationship problems, financial difficulties, and health issues.  When stress and anxiety are prolonged they may present consequences in our life.  Stress leads to high cortisol (body’s stress hormone) levels in the blood, which increases blood pressure, blood sugar and abdominal fat.  If unmanaged, the aforementioned stress responses could lead to serious health complications.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, continued disruptive emotions cause obstruction in the Qi, leading to pain and disease.  Acupuncture breaks the obstruction, allowing free flow of Qi.  The needles stimulate the nervous system in releasing chemicals, serving as the body’s natural painkillers and relaxants.  Additionally acupuncture lowers blood pressure by promoting blood circulation and relaxing the muscles.

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